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Finding Motivation - An Exercise in Gratitude

Sometimes it is difficult to get going in the direction we want to go - the direction we need to take take get moving and advance ourselves toward becoming who we are meant to become. Sometimes we look to others for inspiration and motivation and sometimes it works - other times, it tapers off when our impulse to stay in the comfort zone - the "safe" zone of life takes over.

We know we should wake up a little earlier so we can spend time thinking to ourselves, exploring our crazy minds, expanding on our knowledge, writing out our thoughts and ideas, exercising our mind AND our body. We know this, but the comfort of sleep - the impulse to hit snooze and stay in our warm bed takes the lead and our motivation is lost once again.

How do some people do it - what is so motivating that they seem to have the ability to overcome the comfortable impulses that human beings are drawn toward? After all, as different as we are as individuals, we all share common instincts of pleasure and pain - comfort and discomfort. Finding what motivates us to the point where we can overcome those impulses, overcome the state of being which presents the path of least resistance and accept the challenge to work toward our maximum potential - the very best version that exists within us...finding that state within ourselves can be very challenging.

Perhaps taking stock on the things in life which keep us going each day - things we are grateful for and find comfort in as part of our existence or another way of thinking about it - things that would cause discomfort or pain if we were to no longer have them.

A simple exercise of taking stock on what we value is one way of going about finding that which motivates us. Write out a list of everything you can think of that you are grateful for and/or would feel discomfort or pain if it were no longer part of your existence. The list should also include things that could improve your comfort in living. How long would the list be - 10 items, 50 items, 100 items? Life is full of motivation - sometimes we must take stock in that which we are grateful for in order to remember why it is OUR responsibility to work toward becoming the person we are meant to be.

A few examples on the list:

•Key relationships

-Spouse, children, parents, siblings, extended family, friends, partners


-Housing, utilities, transportation, food, clothing


-Ability to communicate, think, take action, work, play, be free to choose

•Opportunities in advancements/improvements

-Better housing, better transportation, better occupation, better food

Write down what you are grateful for - rediscover or remind yourself about that which motivates you to get up each day and gets you moving. Then get to the point where you are comfortable being uncomfortable - that is where the real journey in becoming who you are meant to be begins.

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