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It's Never Too Late to Start Being the Person You're Meant to Be

I heard from a childhood friend of mine today whom I've not spoken with in over 30 years. He was a dear friend when we were young and I still have great memories of the adventures we took part in as kids.

He told me he was interested to know how I came into my current "calling". I let him know that after 25 years of life being spent in an industry that I allowed to add more stress than necessary and less time with family than I should have allowed - leading me into poor health and bad habits, I decided it was time to make a change. It only took me 40 years to figure out my aim in life, but God willing - I've still got some time to make a difference in the world.

He then explained that - similarly, it wasn't until he was 40 years old that he started down the path of his aim and attended seminary then became ordained at the age of 43. He said it "feels just right at just the right time." That simply added to my belief and was another confirmation that it's never too late to go after who you are meant to be in life. Although I'd like to see my children find their aim prior to hitting 40 years old, sometimes the difficult paths we take end up leading us to the paths we are meant to be on.

No matter what your current age is or what path has led you to where you currently stand, it's never too late to start being the person you were meant to be. At the moment you discover, realize, or decide to commit to your aim in life, start down that path immediately. Each of us has an aim - a purpose in life and it is our responsibility to find it, then begin acting on it.

I'd rather fail going down the right path - pursuing my aim in life than be successful going down the wrong path - never taking a chance to find out who I was truly meant to be.

Which path are you on?

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