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The Psychology of Life's Great War

From the time one is taught about the "good" that exists in life - how to love, how to be kind, how to have integrity, how to be honest, how to be patient, how it is better to be giving rather than selfish - to the point when one discovers "evil" - or the opposite of all that is good, that is precisely when the psychology of life's great war begins.

Each day we battle with the choices we face in life between good and evil. Often times, it doesn't appear to be so obvious which choice we are making because we begin programming ourselves based on daily routines, past experiences, and the perceptions we've attained over time. It is certainly fathomable to believe that both good and evil are preexisting in our nature - they have been around since the beginning of humanity and even though we have experienced unimaginable evolution of science and technology, we still have not been able to evolve to the point where only "good" exists in human beings.

Our best bet seems to be on the ability to focus on disciplined habits that aim toward the highest good possible. Fight the battles that we face in life with everything we've got and work toward tempering the evil that lurks within ourselves. How else can you expect someone else to be good if you don't work on it within yourself? Some days the battle is fierce and it takes more effort to fight off the evil tendencies with our impulses, the short cuts, and expediences in living life. Other days we seem to find that our disciplined habits have helped us in shaping the goodness within to take over our thoughts - and ultimately, our actions. Either way, we have the ability to choose which path we are going to take.

In the end, our "goodness" will be judged on how many times we won the daily battle on the side of our good choices. If we practice daily with good habits, we put ourselves in a much better position to win the great war that exists within life.

What are some of those "good" habits?

•Meditate first thing in the morning

Instead of grabbing your phone first thing and looking through the endless amount of information that has a tendency to put you in an immediate emotional imbalance, spend a few minutes in meditation - this can help start the day in a more calm and relaxed state of being

•Think of at least three things you are grateful for

We live in a time of great abundance - although you may not have everything you've ever wanted, you have plenty of what you need. Write down three things you have to be grateful for - a relationship, your health, family, access to food, the ability to obtain knowledge, another day of life, another opportunity to live, another chance to make a difference in life, the ability to love, to be kind, to do good works...what else?

•Read a book that adds value to life

Whether you read about something that enhances your skills for work or you learn something new from events in history that help you appreciate the value of life or you find inspiration from someone else's story that helps you understand your own value in life - there are nearly endless possibilities in books that will help you in becoming a better version of yourself. Spend at least 20 minutes a day increasing/expanding your knowledge in life.

•Work on relationships that bring out the best of you

The people who celebrate your victories, are honest with you, and encourage you or hold you accountable when you mess up are the only ones you should call "friends". They are out there - they do exist...find them. When you do, foster the relationship and return the favor by celebrating their victories, encouraging them and holding them accountable when they mess up. Those who are toxic - avoid at all costs.

•Spend time writing down your thoughts

Sometimes the best way to work through the clutter that can exist inside your mind is to write down your thoughts. Spend time thinking critically about things that are on your mind - jot them down, and review them later. You might be surprised how much value there is in doing this. Who knows...maybe you end up turning your written thoughts into a book someday.

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