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What are you are seeking today?

• Work to see the beauty in all things

For in all things there is a deep wonder - a curiosity - an origin that contains beauty. This seems to come natural for those who have mastered art and music, but for many others - it must be carefully and meticulously sought after. Do not take this for granted - take nothing for granted and you will live a life filled with beauty.

•Work to see wisdom

First by seeking knowledge - working to learn as much as the mind allows and not of trivial matters, but matters that matter in pursuit of your aim - your purpose in this life. Then seek to find truth and understanding of the knowledge that has been acquired - then you might find wisdom and avoid a life filled with ignorance.

•Work to seek love

Find others who want to help you bring out the best that is within you - and help you bring out the best that is within you and return the favor ten times over. Take time to open your heart to allow it to receive love and give love. There will be times when someone will break your heart, but you should still seek love to give them. It is impossible to overcome hate without love.

•Seek meaning and purpose today

In each thing you do - make sure you find meaning and purpose. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that will come and go - don't simply pursue things to find a happy moment or feeling that won't last. When your aim is high and pointed toward doing the highest good possible in whatever it is you are doing, you will find meaning and purpose - and that will sustain you much more than happiness. Think critically about how - what it is you are doing is in harmony with the greater good of humanity.

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