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What Type of Autobiography are You Writing?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Each person gets the opportunity to write their own autobiography - not in the literal sense of actually writing a book (although many should consider it), but each day - we get to write another paragraph, add to another chapter of the life we are living. Each day there is an opportunity to capture the essence of life that exists around us. There is action, drama, adventure, comedy, romance, industry, self-development, philosophy, psychology - all sorts of genres that we get to experience. Some of these genre experiences are planned while others are unplanned with many obstacles that we face and have to overcome.

We get an opportunity to be the hero or play the villain - to be the owner of our reasoned choices or play the victim of life's circumstances. We get an opportunity to tell the truth and live a life of non-fiction - or to lie and live as a fictional character - a shadow of ourselves. There are days when we can fill up multiple pages with how we lived - full of accomplishments, highly productive, doing good works, improving ourselves with each paragraph (each choice - each decision) and taking steps to become the best version of ourselves.

Other days we might only have lived a sentence worth - limiting ourselves to the possibilities that exist by not fulfilling the potential that is in front of us. We get the opportunity to open our eyes, our minds, our thoughts, our mouths, our hearts and tap into the greatest treasure that God gives us - the opportunity to experience life and overcome the suffering that humans face - as well as accept the joys that come along the way.

So, fill the pages of life in your own autobiography today. Capture and live in each moment - overcome adversity, do good works as much as possible (for yourself AND others). Enjoy the gift given to you today. Get the most out of life until the ink in your pen is completely out - THIS is your opportunity. This life you live is your autobiography - be the author and write a book that inspires you and others. Write a book that is worth reading by living a life that is filled with meaning and purpose.

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