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FIMISU Premium Yoga/Exercise Mat • LIFETIME WARRANTY

FIMISU Premium Yoga/Exercise Mat • LIFETIME WARRANTY


The ONLY Yoga/Exercise Mat you will ever need.


The FIMISU Premium Yoga and Exercise Mat has a LIFETIME WARRANTY so you never have to worry about the durability or performance quality of this mat. With an incredibly dense design, this mat is 6mm thick and weighs 7 pounds - meaning you can practice yoga or exercise with peace of mind knowing it will provide you with the stability and comfort you need.


The FIMISU Premium Yoga and Exercise Mat has been designed, tested, and used by our team of certified trainers which is why we are so confident to back it with a lifetime warranty. No matter what type of training, exercise, yoga, or fitness you are into, having a high-performance mat can make a huge difference.


    Did we mention this mat has a lifetime warranty? Unlike many other mats that currently exist today, the design and durability of the Premium FIMISU Yoga and Exercise Mat is of such high quality that we've backed it with a lifetime warranty.  

  • Incredible Density and Comfort

    This mat is 6mm thick - yet weighs in at 7 pounds which provides users with both comfort and incredible durability no matter what type of exercise you throw at it

  • Perfect Fit

    At 24" wide and 72" long - this mat is a perfect match for nearly any sized user - and it comes with carry straps for convenient on-the-go portability

  • Easy Care and Maintenance

    For best results, clean mat with yoga mat cleaner (see photo for details) after each use

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