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FIMISU Pro Ab-Trainer and Jump Rope Combo

FIMISU Pro Ab-Trainer and Jump Rope Combo


Get ready to burn some calories and tighten up your core with the FIMISU Pro Ab-Trainer and Jump Rope Combo set.


This set includes a Pro Ab-Trainer wheel, foam cushion knee pad, and premium jump rope. The ab-trainer wheel is heavy duty and has an extra-wide wheel design helping you to use it in multi-directional rollouts - allowing you to specifically target your left and right obliques as well as your rectus abdominis or "6-pack" muscles.


The foam cushion knee pad helps you train on hard surfaces without putting too much strain on your kneecaps. Also included is a premium jump rope. What makes this a "premium" jump rope? I'm glad you asked...the foam grip handles provide comfort while allowing you to have a tight grip during maximum speed in jumping rope. The braided steel wire rope is coated with PVC, which features incredible durability and smoothness while providing incredible long-term performance.


Nothing replaces the hard work that it takes to put into a workout, but having premium gear can help you reach your goals faster and this combo set will certainly do just that.

  • Light Up Your Core

    With an extra-wide wheel base, ergonomic comfort handles, and a recoil internal design - this ab-trainer will help you work toward a rock-solid core

  • From Beginners to Pros

    Whether you are just starting to work on strengthening your core or have a chiseled six-pack already, this ab-training wheel is versatile enough to handle beginners to the most advanced athletes

  • Torch Calories in No Time

    Use the premium 9' adjustable jump rope to warm-up or add some reps into your HIIT routine for extra calorie burn - with comfort foam grip handles and a PVC coated, steel braided rope - this jump rope can withstand incredible speeds and long-term usage

  • Total Body Workout

    When you jump rope and use the ab-trainer wheel in intervals, you are hitting multiple muscle groups and engaging your entire body - it won't take long before you'll feel this workout and its impact on your entire body

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