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FIMISU Yoga and Exercise Mat

FIMISU Yoga and Exercise Mat

Yoga continues to grow as a health practice - providing incredible benefits for all who practice it. Improve your balance, increase your stability, strengthen key muscle groups, enhance your posture, develop better joint mobility, reduce stress - and much more. Having a mat that provides comfort, stability, and durability is a key factor in improving your yoga practice as well as body weight floor exercises. The FIMISU Yoga & Exercise mat provides such features that allow you to exercise with confidence and comfort. Whether you are an avid yoga practitioner, someone who enjoys HIIT training, floor exercise workouts, core training, or a full stretch routine - the FIMISU Yoga & Exercise mat has you covered. No matter what your fitness goals are - we hope to help you along in your journey toward becoming the best version of YOU.


  • BECOME THE ENVY OF YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE the ribbed surface design helps create a slip-resistant surface that allows you to test your yoga skill boundaries and helps you build confidence to hold even the most challenging poses. Always practice safely and work your way up to the more difficult yoga techniques and poses
  • IMPROVE BALANCE with a soft cushion density and 2MM thicker than other lightweight mats, you can hold your balance poses longer helping to improve posture and stability
  • GET INTO YOUR BEST SHAPE POSSIBLE whether you are one of the millions of people who are taking advantage of the amazing health benefits yoga provides or you are crushing your strength training with floor exercises or you have joined the HIIT movement or you just want to blast your core or you are looking to maximize your mobility with an intense stretch routine - you can get into the best shape possible with comfort and confidence using the right exercise mat and we've got you covered
  • READY FOR A SIX PACK? hit the floor and work your core - whether you work on holding your plank, add a few more crunches, practice some V-up / roll-ups, feel the burn with some scissor holds, or just do some good old fashioned sit-ups - help ease the burn by protecting key joints using this 6mm thick mat. This mat has a great combination of thickness, density, & comfort to help you along in building a strong core that will make you proud to walk down any beach showing off your hard work
  • KEEP MOVING FORWARD no matter where you are in your current fitness journey, keep working at it everyday. Living a healthy lifestyle is more critical now than it ever has been & having a consistent exercise routine is a key part of creating that lifestyle. Our mission is to help make the world a healthier place by providing quality fitness products to help our customers get the most out of life. Outwork your excuses and get after it!
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