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Total Body Home Workout

Total Body Home Workout

Start 2022 off right with a challenging workout plan that will get results!  This exercise plan was carefully designed by an ACE® Certified Personal Trainer who put the best exercises together that have proven to get results from clients.  


This total body workout consists of two different workouts:
1. Build strength and endurance with the total body workout that targets all of the key major muscle groups
2. Torch calories and strengthen your core with the core/cardio workout 


For best results, these workouts should be used to alternate on different days with a rest day at the end of the week:
example - workout 1 to be completed on Mon/Wed/Fri and workout 2 to be completed on Tue/Thur/Sat with Sunday as a rest day.  


Of course you can alternate and mix up this workout however you see fit.  

Both workouts include links to videos for every exercise that will help you better understand and visualize the exercise instead of having to remember or look them up on your own.


Many of the exercises can be completed only using bodyweight, but for optimal results, a set of light-to-medium weight dumbbells is recommended as well as a stability ball and resistance bands (if needed, we offer stability balls and resistance bands in our shop).


The best part is - you can do this workout without having to leave the house!  

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